Friday, October 8, 2010

Neglected, a dead Dogs fighting suspected: Nicholasville, KY (US)-29 september 2010

Case Details

Date of the event:Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Claimed: Marty Stevens

A man jessamine County, Kentucky faces animal cruelty charges after different animals were found in poor health in what can an operation of dog fighting, said officials.

Jessamine County Sheriff's Office delegates to Marty Stevens home in 1718 Kissing Ridge Road, approximately 4 hours Wednesday for an arrest warrant to him to load with the first degree burglary in Garrard County, said Chief Deputy All Peel.

Stevens, 40, was not in the House, but Sheriff's members contacted jessamine County, Kentucky Animal Control when she said, peel the animals.

"It seemed like they dying and hunger and neglected," he said.

Stevens has been charged with the ten points of the second degree animal cruelty, animal control officer Frank Ruggiero. Stevens, said that are not on Thursday afternoon, additional charges after the investigation is complete, he said.

A puppy was found dead in the House, said Ruggiero.

He said that there is 11 pit bulls, two Chihuahua mix, 3 puppies and a Jack Russell Terrier in the garden. the animals were taken to the jessamine County, Kentucky SAVE Center, an animal shelter for dogs and cats in Nicholasville, Kentucky.

The animals are in "very bad shape," said Ruggiero. pit bulls are at least 15 pounds underweight.

"All animals were infested with fleas beyond belief," said Ruggiero.

Ruggiero said several items found in the garden-including a treadmill-to indicate that there may be a dogfighting operation would there are seemed.

"It turned out that the dogs were conditioned for dog fighting purposes," he said.

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